Frequently Asked Questions

I don't know my ring size, what do you suggest I do?

There are two different options we can provide when it comes to figuring out your ring size.

One is a simple way of visiting a local jewelry store, you can get your finger sized there.

Another option is to get a piece of string and tie it around the finger. After that you can mark the string that goes all the way around your finger circumference. Then you can measure that length and let us know the measurements and we can take it from there. We recommend you to not measure your finger when it is too cold or too warm. 

This is a gift can I get it gift wrapped and leave a note?

Yes definitely, we would be happy to accommodate you!

I might be allergic to plated chains, what can I do?

That is no problem we carry premium sterling silver chains, and can custom order 14k gold filled chains if you need in a gold tone. With an additional fee. Let us know!

Do you offer resizing?

Yes but we only resize all metal rings, we do not resize rings with stones. We resize the all metal rings for the cost of $10. 

How long will it take for my order be shipped out?

Since all our items are made to order, making and shipping out your package will take approx. 7-10 days. However accommodations can be made under certain circumstances. Feel free to contact us at if you have any questions about shipping.

I have an idea for a piece, can I custom order it?

Of course, we are all about designing something special for you. Shoot us an email at

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do, our international shipping price is $15

Can you repair my jewelry?

Our jewelry is meant to be durable, but accidents can happen. And if by any chance if it occurs we can repair it for you with no additional charges. We provide a 2 year warranty.

My stone looks slightly different than the photo, why?

All our stones vary in tone and sometimes shape, it’s not so often that stones all look alike.