About Us

Hi, We are Lilacs in the Sun

We established our jewelry line and Etsy Shop in 2012. As a shop we put our all in creating quality and one of a kind designs.  We use high quality, sustainable materials and sources. Our designs are fabricated with durability and are meant to be worn everyday. Working with our customers is so rewarding and important to us. We are continuously learning and growing to provide our customers the best. Follow us on Instagram to watch our journey! @lilacsinthesun

Our Jeweler

Michelle our jeweler has been creating from a young age It was a form of expressing her personality. Michelle began this journey of jewelry making with designing costume jewelry and beading. But she had ambition to acquire more knowledge and grow as an artist. Michelle took a big step and transferred to Art School. She obtained her BFA in Crafts, Jewelry and Metalsmithing. The education and training she received shaped her into the artist she is today. She learned the principles of design and the importance of craftsmanship. The significance of her education is what drove her to develop her personal design style. Michelle is currently teaching Jewelry Making to children and adults. Not only is she passion about creating, she is passionate about inspiring others and teaching them new skills. Because knowledge is power and is something that should be shared.


Michelle attended Fullerton Junior College where she chose to pursue a career in Art, it was where she took her very first Jewelry Fabrication course. This course inspired her in many ways, and she decided this would be the major she wanted to pursue. She then did research on finding local Universities that taught Jewelry Making in more depth. As soon as she found it, she did everything she could and took all the courses she needed to transfer to California State University, Fullerton. Michelle obtained her BFA in Crafts, concentrations in Jewelry in the May of 2018.


  • Jewelry Fabrication courses and transferable courses at Fullerton Colleges

  • Obtained BFA in Crafts, Concentrations in Jewelry Metalsmithing At California State University, Fullerton in May 2018

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